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Summer Updates From The Team

We miss you!

Since our amazing 2021 event, our team has stayed busy with events, travels, time in the saddle, and more! As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to gain orange and yellow hues, we wanted to share what our team has been up to post UNBOUND Gravel: 



“EVENTS ARE BACK! This summer has been filled with so many firsts. UNBOUND kicked off my event season and Emporia didn’t disappoint. I traveled to Lutsen Minnesota (Lutsen99er), Beaver Utah (Crusher in the Tushar) and challenged myself running point for Athlete Services for my first Triathlon in Chicago! Super excited to head to Chequamegon MTB Festival, The ‘Rad and Big Sugar to round out my fall events! Free time? What is that?”

-Treva Worrel


“Summer rides with family and friends have been a highlight of my summer. Being back at start lines, seeing old friends, making new ones has renewed my love, energy and enthusiasm for the gravel community.”
-Kristi Mohn


“This summer has been one for the books! I did lots of cool things like hiking my first 14er, buying and riding my first mountain bike, and attending and working at events. But the best parts were making the big move to Emporia from Colorado, selling my first house to buy a new one here in E-town and getting engaged while visiting my family in New York. After the lull of outings, events and adventures in 2020, 2021 brought a summer full of rejuvenation doing the things I love and seeing the community together again.”
-Michelle Duffy



“I’m starting to settle into place in my new position and new town after a whirlwind summer. I bought my first house a few weeks ago! It’s a beautiful old 1925 house that needs a lot of elbow grease, but I’m ready to put in the work! I also got to race my bike this summer, working really hard on undertrained legs to ride my fastest ever Gravel Worlds and win the vintage classification on my beautiful 1984 Univega Specialissima!”

-Ben Sachs




“Summer 2021, where did it go?! After a move to Colorado earlier this year, I tried my  best to sneak in hikes with my husband and pup, Cola, between managing our event sponsors and traveling to our off-road events!”

-Carli Powers



“Summer 2021 has been pretty adventurous! My season kicked off with UNBOUND Gravel, followed by the Lutsen 99er and the Leadville Race Series. I’ve managed to squeeze in some hikes, bike rides, camping trips, and try new breweries along the way. My dog, Remy, had the best summer traveling with me to most events. She was, of course, compensated in belly rubs for her hard work! Now, we’re gearing up for the fall events!”

-Amanda Boyer


“This summer has been busy and fun! My schedule has been filled with events in Emporia, Leadville, New York City, and Chicago. Luckily I’ve been able to go to a few fun shows too like Kygo at the Red Rocks and Tame Impala. I’ve also spent a lot of time paddle boarding! It’s been such a great year and I’m excited for Fall.”

-Yasamin Sabeti



“I’ve had the best time reconnecting with the amazing gravel community by participating in as many events as I am able in an attempt to make up for lost time!”

-Ben Pickel




“Summer 2021 has been an absolute blast for me! I’ve been able to meet tons of new people in the gravel cycling community by helping put on races across the country. I’ve also been able to get quite a bit of time in the saddle after moving back to my home town of Emporia in July!”

-Mason Mohn





“I joined the Life Time team in August and looking forward to my first UNBOUND Gravel next June. I’ve spent the summer enjoying Colorado with my wife Britt, and my now six month old Emersyn. She’s loves the Colorado outdoors and enjoyed her first baseball game earlier this summer at Coors Field!”
-Dan Mott




“I live in Portland, Maine but squeezed a lot of hiking adventures -even some freezing summer adventures-  in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I’m working on hiking all 48 4000-footers in the Whites!”

-Emily Nelson




We’re already looking forward to June 2022! Hope you have an adventurous fall!


-The UNBOUND Gravel Team

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