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Charity Entry


Each charity participant is required to pay or fundraise for the charity of their choice from the below partners. This cost also includes your guaranteed spot in the 2023 race, and your registration and service fees. Charity spots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To redeem your entry, contact the charity and make payment. Then, use your designated code provided by the charity to complete your registration for the 2023 race.

*Please note, minimum donation is subject to charity discretion.


The Mission: Life Time Foundation supports public schools and community organizations nationwide, including right here in Emporia, to improve youth nutrition and promote youth physical activity. 

The Foundation’s Youth Nutrition programs are focused on school districts; to date it serves 1.7m children through partnership with 35 districts, in serving nourishing, delicious, minimally-processed meals. Its Youth Movement programs support both schools and community organizations, funding initiatives to create a future in which all kids, no matter their circumstances, can take part in safe, fun physical activity and build lifelong healthy habits. 

The Team: By joining the Life Time Foundation Team and committing to fundraise for the cause, athletes are guaranteed race entry, receive top-class performance gear, and become part of an incredible, mission-driven community.  

Slots Available: UNBOUND Gravel 100, 200, & XL

The Mission: LIVESTRONG helps those affected by cancer, now. To learn more about the LIVESTRONG Foundation and the UNBOUND Gravel, please click here.

Slots Available: UNBOUND Gravel 100 & 200

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