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Friday, May 31st, 2024


While our 200 sets the stage for the big events of the weekend, the Life Time UNBOUND Gravel XL offers up that solo pursuit you just may be looking for. The UNBOUND Gravel XL stands in a class of its own. This self supported journey through the Flint Hills presents an unparalleled challenge of your body, mind and spirit. If your penchant for pain is matched only by your sense of adventure you’re in the right company.

Over the course of 350 miles, you’ll challenge yourself, you’ll inspire yourself, hell, you’ll downright hate yourself. But you got here for a reason and your potential knows no boundary.

Each and every person that joins us on the start line of the UNBOUND Gravel XL has a reason for being here.

What’s yours?

Event Pricing & Registration

Entry Fee: $255

The Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 350-mile is a lottery event. Individuals have the opportunity to submit their name for participation in the 2024 UNBOUND Gravel XL from December 1st, 2023  at 10am CT until December 15th at 11:59pm CT.

Registration for event entry selection is free of charge. However, credit card information is collected at the time you submitted your name for consideration. Your credit card is charged only if you are accepted to participate in the event.

TrackLeader Information: *REQUIRED*

Due to the remote and self-supported nature of this event, each rider is required to carry a GPS device to give periodic updates on their location. This device is intentioned to keep race organizers, emergency service personnel, support crews, and spectators aware of riders location on course.

  • Tracking Devices – any produced by SPOT Tracker or the Garmin inReach will work, but needs to be registered with Track Leaders for the event.
  • Register your device – all devices must be registered with to be included on a live-tracking interactive map that will be available to the public to follow the race.  There are no additional fees, the tracking registration fee was included in the price of registration for the UNBOUND Gravel XL.  (Link below)
    • Pro Tip – Register your device early!
  • Rent a tracker – If participants do not wish to purchase a GPS tracker, Trackleaders has SPOT Tracker devices available for rent within the tracking registration form – link below.
    • Rental pick up – Anyone that has filled out the rental form below can pick up their rental device at packet pick up.
    • Rental return – Return any rental devices upon finishing the event, either at the finish festival or the next morning at the awards ceremony.

Schedule of Events


Start List

Gravel Guide

Refunds, Transfers, Deferrals

Race Results


Award Ceremony & Race Categories

Awards go 5-deep in each of the following categories:

    • Open Men
    • Open Women
    • Non-Binary

Awards held at 8 AM on Sunday at the Granada Theatre

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