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Your Garmin Guide

Complimentary Garmin UNBOUND Gravel presented by Craft Sportswear Training Plans produced by Kristen Legan of Rambleur Rising

Garmin presents Your Garmin Guidefree training plans to help you get to the Garmin UNBOUND Gravel finish line! Click your distance below to download your three-month plan today. Don’t forget to upload your training into Garmin Connect with your Edge to help you stay on track!

Within these plans you can customize workouts to fit your schedule. When it comes to training, consistency is key! While you can start these plans at zero, you’ll see better results if you already have a strong base fitness.  Each workout provides a suggested ride time rather than miles to help you fit these rides into your daily schedule.  Have fun and stay positive!


Battery Life

No one wants to be in the middle of a ride, let alone race day, and have your device die. Don’t let that happen!

Edge 530/830/1030 – 20 + Hours

  • Use Battery Save Mode
  • Use auto backlight or turn the backlight on and off as needed
  • Switch from GPS + Glonass to GPS only
  • Disable phone connection
  • Use Garmin Charge Battery Pack to be safe or have a charging plan ready at your checkpoints


  • Use the eat/drink alerts on your Edge, track your effort!
  • Use the Lap Summary screen to track time, speed, or power between checkpoints
  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid doing anything for the first time if you can

Training plans are produced by Kristen Legan of Rambleur Rising. Legan brings extensive coaching experience in endurance sports and has worked with athletes of all athletic backgrounds and experiences. A former pro triathlete, podium finisher at UNBOUND Gravel, and elite cyclocross racer, Kristen has helped first-time racers, experienced veterans and professional athletes achieve their goals while keeping training and racing fun and meaningful.

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