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June 3, 2023

In Gravel We Roam

“To be unbound is to be untethered and unrestrained. The term’s pre-12th century origins illicit notions of liberation and escape. Those who are unbound embrace life without limits or restrictions. The word owns many definitions and derivations, but each one ultimately reaches the same finish line. 

To be unbound is to be free.

It’s the spirit that 4,000 riders bring with them to the Flint Hills of Kansas for one weekend each spring; the spirit of an event that began with 34 participants in 2006 and now stands as the “World’s Premier Gravel Event.” And so it is fitting that the event and its organization, the one embodied by a limitless ethos that calls Emporia home, now has a name to match its ferocious spirit.” -Emporia Gazette

Join the fun.

We welcome you all to join us for this 4-day adventure in the Flint Hills.

Charity Entry

Partner with one of our charities to gain a slot in 2023’s UNBOUND Gravel!

Camp + Entry

Join us at the UNBOUND Gravel Training Camp to get prepared for race day and gain entry to the race distance of your choice!

Coaching Package

Get ready for race day by teaming up with one of our awesome coaches, and gain entry into 2023’s event!

Life Time Members Early Access Registration

Life Time members — after six months of membership — get access to our athletic events one week before the event registration opening to the general public or guaranteed registration in lotteries.

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