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May is both National Bike Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. And the research is overwhelming – cycling is scientifically proven to benefit mental health! As we navigate life over a year into the pandemic and keeping everyone safe and healthy, our mental well-being is in focus now more than ever.

We all know there is a special feeling that comes with riding a bike. It’s hard to describe or put into words. We ride for many reasons. We pedal to outride fear of inadequacy, fear of not being good enough. We pedal to outride injustice, discrimination, and trauma. We pedal to help our brain, to help our heart, and to free our minds.

Our partnership with Outride and the Life Time Foundation is focused on bringing movement and nutrition to the youth in the communities we serve. All the research shows the importance of both for a healthy body AND mind. We are kicking off this month with a social ride weekend lead by Alison Tetrick. We hope you join us! It’s simple – join our Outride x UNBOUND Gravel Strava club to track your miles May 8 & 9 and use our QR code to donate your post ride beer/pastry/pizza to help us bring movement and nutrition to the next generation!


Feel like doing even more? Do you own fundraising for to help with more dollars – follow this link for details!

May we all find comfort and joy in spinning wheels that can calm active minds and inspire life-long activity! When in doubt, Pedal It Out!

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