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Behind The Lens: The Folks Who Capture UNBOUND Gravel

You see all the incredible race day photos and videos we share, but do you know the incredible people behind the lens? Allow us to introduce you to our 2021 on-course photographers and videographers, who get down and dirty to make sure they capture the perfect moments of UNBOUND Gravel. Be sure to give these awesome folks a wave when you see them out on course!


Linda Guerrette- Professional Photographer

“I live in Colorado with my little adventure dog Levi. Action sports are my professional and personal passions. I love connecting with people and learning about who they are through the lens. I’m very grateful and excited to be capturing this life changing event in the Flint Hills. 

I raced this DK/UNBOUND Gravel way back in the day when there were only a few hundred people racing not thousands. 

 Living in Colorado I’m surrounded by beauty everywhere I look never did I ever think I’d look forward to coming to Kansas. The beauty in the Flint Hills and the people of Emporia making me want to return every year.

 I’ve captured this event since 2015. Every year is different but the same. Watching riders from all over the world come together to celebrate riding gravel and challenge themselves further than they thought possible is wonderful to be part of.”


Jason Ebberts – Professional Photographer

Jason Ebberts began shooting film with his father’s Pentax 35mm film camera in 1984. Since then, he has been involved in numerous cycling and gravel events across the nation. Being from Emporia, it was easy for him to be drawn to the premier gravel event in the world. From years of being around the gravel family, the bug finally bit him in 2018. After training for 10 months, Jason was able to complete the 200 miles of Flint Hills gravel. After having become a rider, he has been able to mold his eye from the onlooker to include the perspective of the cyclist. His most important take away from the gravel events, is that if everyone would ride gravel there would be far fewer problems in this world. There is no other family like gravel family.


Doug Barrett- Professional Photographer

An African American documentary photographer, videographer, and journalist internationally recognized, currently based in Manhattan Kansas.

Doug’s editorial clients include Bloomberg News, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Politico, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post, CNN, and has been featured on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square NYC. Doug has also be featured on VICE, Foxnews, and BBC World News for his work.

Doug has photographed for NCAA sports and other professional sports and is a FAA Part 107-certified drone pilot where he incorporates photos and video into most of his work.

Doug has work in the permanent collection at the Mariana Kistler Beach Museum of Art, and the Ulrich Museum, and will have a solo exhibition titled “Find your Voice” September 7, 2021- May 28, 2022 alongside the Gordon Parks exhibition titled “Homeward to the Prairie I Come.


Byron Swezy- Professional Videographer

Owner, Producer, Director and Videographer Byron is a one-of-a-kind person that has vision, creativity, and drive pouring out of every cell. He started as a sound, video and graphics kid in DC “back in the day” and founded DFV enabling him to take his passions to the next level. Of his many mottos, we like the “always over deliver” the best. Not sure that he’s ever worked with anyone that hasn’t become a repeat client.

-Owner and founder of DragonFruit Video and DigiZuk Digital Marketing

-Produces high level commercial content to complex outdoor action sports and events.

-Former owner CBST Adventures

-Innovative Producer with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of video production. Visionary creator, editor, storyteller and business operations manager with demonstrated ability to take an idea from concept to delivery to produce entertaining and inspiring pieces. Collaborative in working closely with strategic and creative teams to develop and produce quality video content. Expertise in pre-production logistics, planning, production, custom graphics composition, special effects and asset management.

-Versatile Technical Director able to assess equipment, resolve problems and implement plans that account for risk, technical challenge and personnel abilities. Prepared to leverage years of experience to take on challenging projects.


Luke Townsend- Professional Photographer

Luke is a Manhattan born artist working in documentary photography and visual storytelling.  Luke’s work plays on the interludes between the human condition and our relationships with the conditions which inform our realities; religion, politics, culture, environment/food. 

He began his career in journalism working for the local newspaper, The Manhattan Mercury, and moved to New York City at 23 to work with K-State Alumnus, Robert Clark, on over 8 stories for the National Geographic. After almost a decade in New York, Luke returned to Manhattan with a renewed interest in documenting his hometown and community advocacy.  

Luke has multiple works in the permanent collection of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art as well as commissioned works hanging in the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center and the School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University. 

Luke is represented by ZUMA Press and is a contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, ABC News, Mother Jones, Kansas Leadership Center, and newspapers across the globe.  

He is a member in good standing with the National Press Photographers Association and serves on the board of advisors for Served Silent Homeless but not Hopeless.  

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