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Crew For Hire

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The role of a rider’s personal Support Crew carries great significance to the success of each Garmin UNBOUND Gravel participant! They are required for all UNBOUND Gravel participants and they are greatly needed to help encourage, support, and should it come to it, pick up a rider if they need to abandon the event! For those who don’t have anyone that can run support for them, we have Crew For Hire!

What is Crew For Hire?

As you are aware, all participants must have a support crew present to assist in their journey. However, should you not be able to come with your own support crew, we have some options for you.

We partner with Payne’s Promise and Camp Alexander to bring you world class support through our Support Crew-for-Hire program. Along with the Kansas City Jeep Club, these organizations work to make sure your only worry come race day is pedaling your bike.


200 mile- $85

100 mile- $50

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