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Junior Race Update – Letter from our Event Director

Hello folks! The big event weekend is coming up on us fast and we hope everyone is as excited to come ride as we are to host you!

We at UNBOUND Gravel are so proud of the advances that have been made for youth racing in Kansas over the last several years. Many of you joining us for this year’s Junior Race are members of the new NICA league and we think that is awesome. A major tenet of the NICA philosophy, and one that we support as well, is the utmost importance of rider safety. It is for this reason that we have made a minor change to this year’s race course for the morning of Friday, June 4. Reminder – start time is 10am!

For the safety of all you young riders, we have changed the location of the final timing mat and finish line. The initial plan had been to have the timing mat on Highland St on the north end of ESU campus. After discussions with local officials, first responders, and other safety professionals, we have determined that a change was necessary. We have now moved the final timing location to Road K5 just south of Rd 187 north of town, before you hit Hwy 99. As you are escorted out of town for the start of the race, you will actually see this location as you turn off the highway. You can find a little map of this finish line location on the UNBOUND Gravel website (link below).

You will be racing to a finishing arch on this road and your timing stops here. However, once you pass through the arch, we will ask you to ride your bike back to the All Things Gravel Expo, as your gps will show you. This is meant to be a safe and slow return via the route we’ve provided. When you get back to the Expo, we will have your finishers items and swag waiting for you. Please be aware that this final part after the finish arch is NOT TIMED. It is no longer a race. Therefore, please be careful in traffic, pay attention, be safe, and follow all rules of the road! You can even wait until a couple of other Junior riders have finished to head back into town together. This will allow you to cheer on your friends and competitors and then have safety in numbers as you roll back to the Expo.

We are also hosting the awards ceremony in the Expo for you on Friday. It will be at 2pm, so stick around for that if you can!

Please follow the link to find updated route gps files plus maps of the finish line setup and Expo start/landing zone setup.

Juniors GPX Course

All map files and start/finish layout available here – UNBOUND Gravel Juniors Race Event Page

Looking forward to meeting you!

Ben Sachs

Event Director


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