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Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 200

Saturday, June 4th, 2022

200/100/50/25 Lottery: January 5th-January 18th

200/100/50/25 Selection Announcement Date: January 26th

From the moment you feel the crunch of the Flint Hills gravel under your tires, you’ll know you’re in a special place. The Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 200 is the marquee event that has earned Emporia, Kansas the name Gravel City, USA.

This event will bring to life that indomitable spirit that lives within each and every one of you. Along your 200 mile journey, you’ll travel to the furthest depths of your psyche and unravel the reasons behind why it is you’re here in the first place.

So many challenges will be thrown at you during your day in the saddle, and the UNBOUND Gravel 200 gives you all the opportunities to find just what you are made of. As you work through the beautiful journey through the Kansas Prairie, we know for certain that you’ll be a different person when you cross that finish line. And we will be there to welcome you home.

Join us. Become, UNBOUND.

Event Pricing & Registration

The Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 200-mile is a lottery event. Individuals will have the opportunity to submit their name for participation in the 2022 UNBOUND Gravel from January 5, 2022  until January 18, 2022.

Registration for event entry selection will be free of charge. However, credit card information will be collected at the time you submit your name for consideration. Your credit card will be charged only if you are accepted to participate in the event.

Entry Fee: $270

Gravel Guide

2022 Gravel Guide coming soon!

Support Crews

Please read this guide for more information on support crews!

Support Crew Guide

Refunds, Transfers, Deferrals

  • If the Participant defers from The Event For Any Reason

    • Athlete can defer into the following year’s event and repay 100% of entry fee at time of registration. No deferral fee
    • No refunds, no transfers, no exceptions.

    Event Refund/Deferral Policies The Event Cancels (due to a series of reasons, including pandemic, natural disaster, etc.)

    Athlete Option 1 Refund Option

    • 90+ days out – 70% refund
    • 60-89 days out – 50% refund
    • 30-59 days out – 40% refund

    Athlete Option 2 Deferral

    • Complimentary, guaranteed entry into the following year’s event.
    • No transfers! No refunds on service fees or donations


    Questions about this procedure can be submitted to: 

Race Results


  1. Emporia hotels – these are in hot demand and are going fast. Click here to be directed to the Emporia Visitor Bureau’s listing of all Emporia hotels.
  2. Dorm stay at Emporia State University
  3. Pork Belly Ventures – Check out this amazing lodging addition thanks to Pork Belly Ventures!
  4. Homestays – Many Emporians are happy to open their home for UNBOUND Gravel participants and their entourage. Visit websites like to find these options.
  5. Camping – Space is available at the Lyon County Fairgrounds for both RV and tent camping and the Emporia Senior Center for tent camping. For Fairgrounds contact Ken Duff: 620-343-5347. For Senior Center contact Ian Boyd: 620-343-3160.
  6. Area communities – There are plenty of communities in the area that have lodging options available as well. Expand your search if Emporia is full and stay in a quiet town nearby. Below are a few links of neighboring communities to help in your search.

Additional Resources– As we enter the new year, we’ll share a Facebook group that you’re welcome to join to stay up to date with lodging options!

Crew For Hire

As you are aware, all participants must have a support crew present to assist in their journey. However, should you not be able to come with your own support crew, we have some options for you.

We partner with Never Let Go Fund and Camp Alexander to bring you world class support through our Support Crew-for-Hire program. Along with the Kansas City Jeep Club, these organizations work to make sure your only worry come race day is pedaling your bike.

Crew For Hire Guide

Race Categories

  • Racing Age – For all classifications and distances, “Racing Age” is based on the Rider’s age as of June 5, 2021. Minimum age requirement for UNBOUND Gravel 200 is 16 years of age.
  • Fatbike – Minimum 3.8” tire width
  • Single-speed – A type of bicycle with a single gear ratio.
  • Tandem – a solitary bicycle frame with two wheels, designed to be operated by two riders.
  • Pro Rider – “Pro Rider” is defined as a rider who considers themself a professional or elite cyclist, and who would like to be scored against fellow “pro riders”, therein removing themselves from age group categories.
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