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Back Of The Pack Fundraising Challenge!

Dan & Charles Hughes Are Starting Dead Last!

Dan Hughes is a legend when it comes to Garmin UNBOUND Gravel. He’s the only person to win four times, and he’s one of only a handful to have lined up at each and every year since 2006.

Charles is our youngest UNBOUND Gravel rider toeing the start line at this year’s marquee 200 mile distance.

But they are doing even more. This father and son duo have accepted the challenge to start dead last. Why? They are raising money for our Outride/Life Time Foundation Unbound Gravel Challenge. Funds raised will provide bikes, helmets and programming for area schools, making cycling more accessible for kids. They are asking you to join them on their journey by pledging money for every rider they pass over those 200 miles. Pledge $1 per rider and they pass 200 riders – that’s $200 towards their goal of raising $50,000. It’s simple, it’s exciting, it’s for a great cause, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how many riders Dan and Charles pass.

Join Dan & Charles!

  • Outride is a youth cycling non-profit with the mission to diversify the next generation of cyclists.  
  • Outride’s Riding for Focus program grants a fleet of bicycles, helmets, curriculum, and teacher training to middle schools across the country. 
  • To date, Outride has partnered with 200+ schools and 70+ community organizations spread across 44 states – and has gotten 50,000+ young people on bikes.
  • Through our research, we know that bicycles have a positive impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being of young people. And that cycling has the power to bring people together and empower communities.
  • Outride and the Life Time Foundation have partnered together to bring school cycling programs and simply prepared school meals to the Emporia community. 
  • Help make that happen!
  • Help raise money so we can partner with Emporia Public Schools to help kids reach their full potential through access to bikes and simply prepared foods. 100% of every dollar supports this mission!

About the Life Time Foundation

  • We are a public non-profit committed to helping children grow up strong, smart and loved. 
  • We believe that for children to reach their full potential they must have access to nourishing meals. So we collaborate with our country’s school districts to keep highly-processed food out of meals, while increasing the amount of fresh and simply prepared foods.
  • Why School Food? Each day over 30 million students eat school lunch. 22 million low-income kids rely on them. For far too many children, school meals are their only reliable source of food for the day. It’s important that it’s as nutritious as possible, giving them a chance to grow up healthy, strong and smart.
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