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Save The Date & Other New Year Updates


We hope you rang in the New Year with some two-wheeled festivities! Saddle up and get ready for a lot of 2021 information coming your way! We’ll admit we’re a little excited to see you in Emporia again. Okay…we’re a LOT excited! 


Our 2021 lottery opens in just 10 days! 

January 15, 2021 at 8:00 am CST LOTTERY OPENS

January 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm CST LOTTERY CLOSES

There’s no cost to enter the lottery, so go on and put your name in! For more information on the lottery process, rules, event fees, and more please check out this page.

2021 Events and Dates

We have a year full of gravel ahead of us, and that makes us happy!

March 25-28 Garmin Unbound Gravel XL Camp

April 8-11 Garmin Unbound Gravel Spring Training Camp

June 3-6 Garmin UNBOUND Gravel Event Weekend

July 24 Garmin Lunar Ride

TBD Fall of 2021 Garmin UNBOUND Women’s Camp


News From Emporia

It’s been an exciting and eventful season for us in Emporia!

Athletes That Give Back

The cancelation of this year’s event had a huge impact on our community of Emporia. But in a time of darkness, our athletes became the light. We’re beyond grateful for all our athletes who stepped up to support our hometown.

You raised $17,460 for Emporia public schools to help support students and families during the COVID-19 crisis, and we’re proud to have people like you as part of our UNBOUND Gravel family!



Making Strides Toward a More Inclusive Sport

The challenges of 2020 have led to some truly positive changes and collaborations. Our commitment to creating a more diverse sport makes these collaborations crucial to be successful. And while we will continue to work on this front, we wanted to celebrate a bit and announce one of the partnerships for 2021. We stoked to team up with the Major Taylor Cycling Club . Major Taylor’s dedication to educating the cycling community and creating a space for everyone inspires us, and we’re looking forward to having the Major Taylor riders experience Emporia and the Flint Hills this summer!

Kansas City Chapter President, Mitchell Williams, will be leading the charge for Major Taylor to bring club members to the Flint Hills. He said it best “We are excited about this partnership with Life Time and Garmin UNBOUND Gravel! Major Taylor Cycling Clubs across the United States work diligently to promote the sport of cycling while honoring the life and legacy of Major Taylor. The opportunity to bring awareness to the sport is both exciting and impactful. Participating in UNBOUND Gravel gives us the opportunity to train for the event while promoting health, diversity and inclusion in this sport which we are so passionate about.”


You can read more about the UNBOUND Gravel x Major Taylor Association partnership here.

Fresh Merchandise

Freshen up your gravel wardrobe with some new UNBOUND Gravel merchandise! You can prepare for race day with new kits, hats, bandanas, and more. 15% of proceeds  will be contributed toward diversity initiatives, including funding to Major Taylor to help cover travel costs.


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We can’t tell you how ready we are to be back with our gravel family. The Flint Hills is ready to welcome you home this June! #InGravelWeRoam

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