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2024 All Things Gravel Expo

presented by the City of Emporia

Eventhub registration DUE: MAY 1, 2024

Venue Information


Downtown Emporia
721 Mechanic Street
Emporia, KS 66801

On-Site Contacts

Megan McCormick
Exhibitor Manager

Lily Burns
Sponsor Manager

Schedule of Events


Wednesday, May 29
1:00 PM-7:00 PM

Thursday, May 30
7:00 AM-1:00 PM
Vehicles must be moved from the expo area by 11:00 AM.


*Note that load-in will be assigned, based on responses in EventHub. Please arrive at the date/time we confirm via email to allow for a smooth load-in process for all exhibitors.


Thursday, May 30
2:00 PM-7:00 PM

Friday, May 31
10:00 AM-5:00 PM

*All exhibitors are required to activate
BOTH days of the expo


Friday, May 31
5:00 PM-10:00 PM

All exhibitors must wait until the close of expo (5:00 PM) to begin load-out. Vehicles on display may be moved after 6:00 PM. All exhibitors and materials must be out of the venue by 10:00 PM.

Exhibitor Information

Please read the following options carefully. Exhibitors will select their planned load-in method when registering on EventHub. Note that all exhibitors must check in with expo staff at the Exhibitor Check-in tent upon arrival.

Option 1. Vehicle Unload in Unloading Zone

Exhibitors will park their vehicles in a dedicated unloading zone and hand-carry or cart their materials to their designated booth space. Expo management recommends this load-in method for the majority of exhibitors, especially those that are able to easily transport materials by hand or via handcarts. A limited number of handcarts will be available at check-in for exhibitor use. Exhibitors will need to temporarily exchange their Drivers License/ID for use of any available handcarts.

Any large trucks delivering directly to the expo must choose this load-in method as well. A forklift will be on-site to support any deliveries; however, trucks should have their own pallet jacks.

Option 2. Vehicle on Display in Booth

Exhibitors must note that they will have a vehicle on display as part of their activation to be approved for this load-in method. All vehicles on display within booth must be approved prior to arrival. The vehicle must fit within the contracted booth space. During load-in, exhibitors will first obtain a “Vehicle in Booth” pass from the Exhibitor Check-in tent. Any vehicle that is to be parked within an exhibitor booth must be in place by 11 AM on Thursday and may not be moved until 6 PM on Friday. There will be no movement of vehicles within the expo layout between 11 AM on Thursday and 6 PM on Friday.

Option 3. Vehicle Unload at Booth

Exhibitors will first obtain a “Vehicle Unload” pass from the Exhibitor Check-in tent. Exhibitors will drive directly to their booth space and unload their materials. Exhibitors will have 30 minutes to unload their vehicle within the expo. All vehicles must be moved from the expo footprint by 11 AM on Thursday.

Option 4. Advance Shipment

If an exhibitor will be advance shipping their materials to Life Time (see section below), and will not require any other method of load-in, please choose this option. These exhibitors will arrive during set-up with no additional materials to unload. All advance shipments will be delivered to booth spaces in accordance with the load-in day/time confirmed by Life Time via email. If an exhibitor will need to unload a vehicle or park a vehicle in their booth, in addition to the advance shipment, please choose the appropriate secondary option.

Exhibitors have the option of advance shipping their materials to the expo. Space is limited. Details are as follows:

    • Advance shipments must be requested when registering on EventHub, as space is limited. Please wait for confirmation from your Account Manager before shipping any materials.
    • Receiving cost of $250, pre-paid via EventHub, per pallet or equivalent.
    • Life Time will provide labeling and appointment scheduling instructions with confirmation of advance shipment.
    • Shipments may be received between May 6 and May 28 only. Dates subject to change.
    • Tracking information and a scheduled appointment are required for all deliveries. A liftgate and pallet jack are required for pallet delivery.
    • Exhibitors are responsible for all shipping costs.

Street parking is located throughout Emporia, but please respect posted signs, businesses, and residents. Exhibitor specific parking will be available at 4th Ave and Mechanic Street, entrance on 4th Ave. Parking is first come, first served.


Pop-up tents are permitted in the expo; however, they must be properly weighted to avoid injury. Emporia is a notoriously windy town. Tent weights can be rented on EventHub during registration. Expo management reserves the right to request the dismantle of any unweighted tents. Exhibitors are not required to have a tent for their booth activation. 


Tables and chairs are not provided in the expo booth cost. Expo management encourages exhibitors to bring their own tables and chairs. If this is not an option, rentals are available. Exhibitors are able to rent tables and chairs via EventHub. Deadlines may apply.  


Expo spaces do not come with electricity. Electric access can be purchased for select booth spaces via EventHub. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords and power strips. We recommend bringing NO LESS than 100 feet of extension cord. If your power requirements are beyond standard device charging and retail usage, please notify expo management so we can ensure you have proper power supply for your needs (additional charges may apply).  


Exhibitors may order WiFi for $20 per device at 20mbps via EventHub. Please note: only one device will be able to access each WiFi network and each connection is password protected. 


Exhibitors may purchase ice for $10 per 16 lb bag via EventHub. Ice will be delivered to your booth daily. 

Expo management will assign booths to exhibitors and sponsors based on contract requirements and the products being displayed. All exhibitors will receive confirmation of booth assignment prior to the event. Exhibitors are not to activate outside of their assigned booth space. 

Exhibitor’s materials must fit within the assigned booth space and may not obstruct walkways, exits, general view, and other exhibitors. Exhibitors are not to activate outside of their assigned booth space. No handouts or flyers may be passed out or posted outside of the assigned booth space. Expo management strictly prohibits subletting of booth space. This means that the only company permitted to activate within a specific booth space is the one that signed a contract with Life Time. Exhibitors may not share their booth space or use their space for any other reason without prior written approval from Life Time. Exhibitors must remain open at all times during expo hours. 

Exhibitors may display a vehicle in their booth provided that the vehicle and all aspects of the company activation fit within the contracted booth space. Vehicles must be in place by 11 AM on Thursday and may not be moved until 6 PM on Friday. Exhibitors will not be permitted to park any vehicle within the expo layout if it does not fit within the contracted booth space. All requests for vehicles on display must be indicated during the EventHub registration process. “Vehicle in Booth” parking passes will only be generated for vehicles designated in the form via EventHub. 

Products with the event logo, name, etc. may not be sold, displayed or distributed without prior written approval from Life Time. Management reserves the right to restrict and remove any product it deems objectionable (includes products, persons, objects, conduct, etc.) for health, safety or other reasons. This may include products in conflict with sponsors.

Exhibitors are permitted to sample and sell food or beverage products at their discretion. Exhibitors must report their intent to sample/sell during the EventHub registration process and comply with food safety handling methods. 

Alcohol consumption is permitted within the fenced in perimeter of the Expo. No alcohol may leave the Expo. Vendors may not bring or consume their own alcohol within the Expo. All alcohol must be purchased through a pre-approved, licensed alcohol sponsor. Consumption of alcohol of anyone under 21 is strictly prohibited. Open containers are strictly and legally prohibited outside of the fenced perimeter of the expo. 

All federal, state, and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. Exhibitors will understand and comply with the rules and regulations of the sales tax. More information regarding the 2024 All Things Gravel Expo presented by City of Emporia Sales Tax will be provided at a later date. A printed version of these files will be provided at Exhibitor Check-in. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to take appropriate action and satisfy tax requirements. 

Exhibitors agree to comply with local, city and state laws, ordinances and regulations. Exhibitors are responsible for all fire precautions. 

Please refer to for Life Time’s Insurance requirements. Exhibitors must adhere to these requirements and provide documentation if requested by Life Time. 

Trash receptacles will be located throughout the expo; however, expo management requests that exhibitors dispose of cardboard and trash in the dumpsters located at the intersection of E 7th Ave and Mechanic St. There will be separate dumpsters specifically for cardboard. All exhibitors must break down boxes prior to discarding them in cardboard dumpsters.  

Security will be provided overnight on Wednesday and Thursday, but exhibitors are responsible for their own materials, as Life Time, Inc. is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property. Please ensure your booth is staffed at all times during open expo hours and valuables are not left overnight. 


Credentials will be issued to exhibitors at Exhibitor Check-in based on the number indicated during the EventHub registration process. Exhibitors must wear credentials at all times. 


The safety of our athletes, exhibitors, and staff is the top priority during the weekend’s events. All emergency notifications will be announced via PA on-site. There will also be an opt-in option for emergency weather alerts through Everbridge, available Monday, May 27. To subscribe please text UNBOUND to 888-777 or use the code UNBOUND in the Everbridge App. Following the conclusion of the event, you will be automatically unsubscribed. Life Time will also announce emergency notifications via social media. Please follow @unboundgravel on Instagram. 

The All Things Gravel Expo presented by City of Emporia is a two-day consumer and industry event, meaning that all exhibitors are required to activate on both days of the expo. Athletes and guests will be in attendance on both Thursday and Friday. Given the amount of media that will be in attendance, please report anything exciting that will be happening at your booth! Please notify your account manager if your activation will feature any special guests, professional racers, or product launches. The UNBOUND Gravel marketing team will share exhibitor happenings with media in advance of the event. 


Members of the media, photographers and videographers who would like to request credentials can do so by completing the media credential application by May 15, 2024. Credentials may be picked up during the mandatory media briefing held on Friday, May 31, location TBD. Information about the event, course, and media best practices will also be provided at this time. Media credential applications will open on 3/1/24.  Please see the Media Information page on the Unbound Gravel website for more information. For questions, please contact your account manager. 

We have created two routes for exhibitors to demo bikes or other products from their booth spaces.  Exhibitors and Expo attendees demo bikes at their own risk. Life Time provides these recommended routes merely as a suggestion, and in no way guarantees or warrants the suitability of these routes for bike demos. Life Time and UNBOUND Gravel are not responsible for any personal, physical, property, or other types of injury or damage that may occur during a ride. 

14 Miles Demo Route (Rocky Ford)
7 Miles Demo Route – 

Exhibitors have the option of scheduling a pick-up for their materials after the expo. Space is limited. Details are as follows: 

  • Post-event shipping must be requested via EventHub registration, as space is limited. 
  • If materials were advance shipped to the expo, there is no additional cost for post-event shipping. 
  • If materials were not advance shipped to the expo, there is a $250 per pallet or equivalent cost for post-event shipments. Payment will be processed via EventHub. 
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to package materials and affix proper labels. 
  • The company name in all shipper and receiver fields for shipping payment forms must be your own. Do NOT list Life Time Events, UNBOUND Gravel, or Navrats as the shipper to avoid billing complications.  
  • Shipments must be picked up from Emporia by Friday, June 7. 
  • Tracking information and a scheduled appointment are required for all pick-ups. A liftgate and pallet jack are required for pallet pick-ups. 
  • Exhibitors are responsible for all shipping costs. 

All exhibitors must wait until the close of the expo at 5 PM on Friday to begin load-out. Vehicles will not be permitted to move within the expo until after 6 PM (or when Life Time staff indicates it is safe to do so). Exhibitors have until 10 PM on Friday to complete their load-out from the expo. 

UNBOUND Gravel has partnered with Emporia State University to offer a block of rooms for exhibitor residential lodging during the event weekend. Exhibitors will the opportunity to reserve and purchase their rooms during the EventHub registration. Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Room orders will be reviewed as registrations are processed on EventHub. Rooms are not confirmed until inventory is verified by Life Time team. If you purchase a room through EventHub, you agree to the terms and conditions with the ESU Residential Hall Details document.

If you have questions regarding ESU residential stay reservations through EventHub, please reach out to your Account Manager.

If you have questions regarding the ESU residential stay logistics, please reach out to directly.

Expo EventHub Registration 

Please submit your registration via EventHub prior to the deadline of May 1, 2024.
Refer to emailed instructions and complete your registration by following this link: 2024 All Things Gravel Expo presented by City of Emporia – UNBOUND Gravel | EventHub Showcase 

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager with any questions. 

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