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“This was certainly one of our best expos. We look forward to returning. Thank you for putting on a great weekend of bikes.” –

“It’s a great event and great exposure. We will definitely be back next year.” – Tailwind Nutrition

“I was impressed by the expo.  From our standpoint it was one of the best big events that we have been to.” – Factor Bikes/Champion System

“The expo helped us work directly with our customers to provide product knowledge and sports nutrition education, as well as sample flavors and gather insightful feedback.  Don’t skip the All Things Gravel Expo, your customers will look for you there!” – GU Energy

“Chamois Butt’r has participated in the All Things Gravel Expo every year it’s been held.  The Expo provides an opportunity to engage with expert, experienced and beginner cyclists.  It creates an inviting environment to interact with every event participant.  The venue and schedule have allowed for many meaningful interactions that have turned into very rewarding days for our brand.”  – Chamois Butt’r

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